Active Water Managementfor

Proactive, always-on water management systems to make every drop count.

Until now it hasn’t been possible for water users to be able to monitor, control and optimise water usage. Our system gives you real-time information and automatic optimisation to improve your yields, your utilisation value and to ensure all your water is working for you.

Make every drop count with Knode's Active Water Management.

Our technology allows water users to take a proactive approach, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Creating freedom, certainty and better results from your water.


Monitor the supply, storage and distribution of your water



Manage pumps and irrigation from any location, spotting leaks or overages before they are an issue. Automate to your rules.


Adjust water via complementary weather & soil data and insights


On average, our customers have a 17% reduction in their water usage, with some upwards of 35-40%.

Utilise better. Grow better. Sleep better.

By working with Knode you can not only reduce your water usage and increase yields, you also get freedom. The freedom to live your life. No longer being held hostage by the water system at your property. Remotely and automatically manage all your water needs from the comfort of your couch with a cup of tea, or lying on an exotic beach sipping on a cocktail. That’s what we’re here to give you.

"Through the implementation of a simple node, we now save $15,000 per year in water costs"

Cliff Scott

CEO, Growing Spectrum

Knode is here to help make every drop count.

Water is our most precious resource. Everything depends on it and it’s vital to industry in Aotearoa. The pressure on access and usage of water is increasing daily. We’re moving to a time where Kiwis will need to show their water utilisation, and historically there have not been active water management systems that can give daily benchmarks.


We are on a mission to make Active Water Management the new normal

We exist to deliver the best outcomes for growers, farmers & businesses from our most vital resource. Or in other words, to make every drop of water count.

Why we started Knode?

We wanted to make understanding and managing your water as easy as seeing your electricity usage, or as simple as managing your finances in Xero. Rather than finding out once or twice a year how much water you’re using, you can now find out any minute of any day.

We’re the choice of thousands of locations where water is critical to business and the environment, and look forward to working with all water users to create more power, control and better utilisation for all