Grow more with active water management

Monitor, control and optimise water and growth with the first dedicated, connected, automated system for growers.

Make every drop work for you

Knode Active Water Management for growers is a layer above your existing hardware and systems, ensuring you get the most from your current investments. Using a mixture of flow metres, pressure transducers, level sensors, nodes, control boxes, soil probes and weather stations, we can help you measure, control and optimise your water, to create higher yields and more efficient water usage.

Connect your inputs.
Increase your outputs.

Measure & Alert

Get through understanding of the supply, storage and distribution of your water

Become instantly empowered to make smarter decisions

Compare previous weeks or months, identifying trends and insights

Protect your business through fault alerting via SMS and email




Prove the utilisation value of your water

Pressure around water use-rights is only increasing. The horticulture industry is at a pivotal moment in time where technology can help ensure its long-term success. Knode is uniquely positioned to help you get the most from your water, helping you grow better plants. By adding data and insights to your knowledge and gut feelings, you can drive the best outcomes for your crops, and show what your water allocation produces for all.

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