Measure, control and optimise your farm’s water, automatically.

Active water management allows farmers to monitor, control and optimise their water usage. At a glance you can know tank and trough capacity and usage, with alerts to catch any leaks or spills before it’s too late. Set rules for irrigation based on weather and soil conditions, and only use the water you need to.

Knode was built on a family farm

Like many great farm tales, our origin story began with a pair of muddy gumboots. Looking to remove the headache of costly water leaks on the family farm in Te Kuiti, our founder devised an active water management solution leveraging IoT networks and the power of the digital cloud. Word of this quickly spread, and we have since partnered with hundreds of farmers right across the country to help them get the most from their water. We believe there's no reason farm-life can't be as tech-savvy as city-life, so we strive to use technology to drive farming forward in New Zealand.

Less time chasing leaks.
More time managing your farm.

Measure & Alert

Get live information from multiple water locations on your farm

Supply: Flow & pressure for total take & failure warnings

Storage: Tank levels for low capacity warnings

Distribution: Flow & pressure alerts for broken pipe or troughs

Equipment: UV filter & pump fault alerts

Measure and set SMS and email alerts for tank level, flow rate & volume across all of your farm’s assets

Look back and compare weeks or months, identifying trends and insights




“We have saved a lot of power and a lot of wasted water. We know straight away if we have a leak now. All those little leaks add up to being a major problem, so it’s a relief to no longer worry about that.”

Allen & Jo Johnstone

Te Kuiti

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